Solar benefits

  • Reduces Air Pollution what Fossil fuels create.
  • Reduces Dependence On Nonrenewable Energy Sources.
  • Improves Humanity’s Health In The Long-run.
  • Helps Fight Climate Change.
  • Reduce your energy bill.

Saving on your energy bill is easier and more affordable than you think. Use the solar calculator to discover how much energy DSW solar panels can produce on your roof. Before you know it, you’re shining like the sun – when you look at your energy bill.

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner


• Advice sustainable energy for your situation
• Solar on roof, commercial and/or non commercial
• Solar parks and solar power stations
• Calculation, Installation, monitoring
• Maintenance, repair, upgrades, cleaning
• DIY solar panels, -sets, -parts etc.

Our Latest Projects

We have consultants with over 15 years of relevant experiences in Europe and Africa. Take a look at recent projects how we can help domestic or overseas clients to provide advice and guidance directly  without involvement of any intermediates.

About Company

Invest in solar panels and make your company more sustainable?
Our engineers will check whether the roof of your building is suitable and what the return on your investment will be. Completely without obligation and within a few days a complete advice report.

We completely relieve companies when investing in solar panels

We are DSW, the first point of contact for project development for large-scale solar energy projects for installers, investment companies, banks and governments.

DSW is known as a company among installers, companies and large-scale projects for the complete unburdening of business sustainability. Let’s work together and use our knowledge and experience for a smart and sustainable investment in solar energy. DSW focuses on committed and lasting relationships.

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Why Choose Us

Our mission, Going Green is as simple as possible. We started with making companies and large-scale projects more sustainable and with 15+ years of experience we also increasingly do private projects and solar panels for homes.

15+ years of experience in renewable energy

Advice from an experienced engineer on location

PV projects for SMEs and large scale

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Individual approach to the client

Different customers different needs. To make the most of each prospect interaction, it’s important to read customers and scale those projects to their  really needs.

High level of service

Most solar fields and construction projects are managed manually. This leads to delays, reporting problems, and higher operating costs. A full digital view gets the data needed and warns when operating suboptimal.

In time installation

Installers with 15 years of experience and certified technicians. Friendly and involved in the project, working on SMEs  and large-scale solar installations. According project plan and schedule you get a professional 2022 solar installation.

Client Testimonials

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Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

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Latest news

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